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Cyclists are at a very high risk of injury when other drivers act negligently and cause accidents. Due to the lack of protection that a bicycle provides compared to an automobile, severe trauma can result, even with the use of proper safety equipment such as a helmet. If you have been injured on your bicycle in the Corvallis and Albany areas, our experienced lawyers at Ringo, Stuber, Ensor, Hadlock & Smith, P.C., are prepared to help.

Protecting the rights of injured bicyclists in Oregon 1951. Call 541-368-7816 or 888-437-2950, or contact a bicycle accident lawyer online to learn more about your entitlement to compensation.

A Skilled Bicycle Injury Lawyer Serving Those Harmed in Oregon

There are many causes of bicycle accidents that our firm has dealt with, including:

  • Cars in bike lanes
  • Vehicles turning without looking
  • Being struck in a crosswalk
  • Car doors opening into the street or bike path
  • Dangerous roads
  • Defective bicycle parts

We can assist no matter how you were hurt. Our firm is dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the compensation they deserve to pay medical bills, lost wages and other expenses associated with their accidents.

Helping Families Who Have Lost Loved Ones in Fatal Bicycle Accidents

If you have lost a family member due to the negligence of another driver, we can help you. We understand that emotions are very high and dealing with legal matters on top of medical bills and stress is too much for one person to handle. That is why we take care of all legal issues for you so you can focus on recovering and taking care of your family. You can rely on us for compassionate guidance during this time in your life.

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